Naturpark Thal

Discouvered this area just this year.  Its absolutely beautiful and perfect for all outdoor adventures on foot and two wheels.  Gorgeous forests and mountainous region in Jura.

Anniversary Weekend

April 22 marks the day of my (our?) wedding anniversary. Some might ask, oh what special thing did you two do?  go out for dinner at a nice restaurant, go away for the weekend…?  blah blah blah April 22 is also Earth Day!   Don’t get me wrong, our relarionship is important (duh, dont even ask him or the bike. just don’t). Our time together and how we spend it every day of the year is what makes us special.  Marriage is a legal contract with which states/governments recognize that two people from separate families have come together to form […]

Easter Weekend

Our 3rd bike ride of the year!  We rode to Simon’s father’s for an Easter/Birthday brunch with his family. It had been sunny and up to 24C in the week, but we had a nice cool morning ride.  Which suited us well for going up the hill.


The other weekend I tidied up the balcony and planted some bulbs.  The roses and trees all have budding new growth.  Its starting to be green again.  The days are noticably longer and the sun shines more often. Its time for biking.  For hiking. For lunch time jogs.  The last 3 weeks I have felt significantly more energetic and light.  The first bike ride of the year I felt like a nervous goffer poking its head out of its winter burrow, looking around and slowly realizing: its ok, its nice out, thats sunshine and its warm! Maybe now I can […]

Ski Week in Austria

For Simons birthday we went for a week of skiing in Sölden, Austria.  It was gorgeous, sunny blue skies.  And a little bit of snow, just enough for skiing on the piste/runs. Simons friends all came and we had a great time.  We rented a little guest house, where we cooked dinners together and played games in the evening. The snow, being up in the mountains and blue skies were a welcome change from the cold grey days at home.

Sportif in Italy

The Maratona dles Dolomites 2106 was one of the most epic rides of my life and definitely the absolute best, world-class cycling event I was ever participated in. A cycling friend of mine invited me back in October to join her and a group in booking a package deal, accommodation plus ride entry for the event.  Its otherwise a lottery to get a spot and is increasingly popluar every year, for good reasons. The Dolomites are a beautiful and unique mountainous region of northern Italy where the Giro passes through every year. Many climbs and passes are well known to […]

Juan de Fuca Hike

This summer during our vacation to Canada, we went hiking along the Juan de Fuca trail with my brother. The trail is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, spanning 47km of trail through the old growth rain forest along the ocean coast from China Beach to Botanical Bay at Port Renfrew.  I was in my element, I absolutely love this area.  We started on a Sunday, driving from Nanaimo to the trail head at China beach, typically a 2.5hr drive but we were held up along the island highway as it was the same day as the Cops for […]

Photos – Hiking in Switzerland

Once Simon’s master’s projects and finals were over, he had time to go hiking with me 😀 We’ve hiked the Planeten Weg along the Lägern close to where we live, part the Schweizer Weg in Uri/Schweiz cantons which included the spot Rütli where Swiss confederation began, encountered a classy public bathroom in a barn, and along a small part of the Panorama Weg up to Napf which borders cantons Luzern and Bern.

Spain 2016

Photos from when we were in Barcelona, Girona & Mallorca travelling with my good friends Johnny & Heather. Photos start in Park Güell in Barcelona, the Gaudi house and buidlings, the big 150 year old cathedral still under construction. We visited Girona which has a cool old city wall we walked along, as well as a cycling themed cafe started by a woman from Vancouver who’s husband is a pro cyclist – a lot of pro cyclists train out of Girona. We went to Mallorca, rode an old wooden train ride, stuck our feet in the Mediterranean, rode city bikes […]